Training Your Weaknesses

training mtb weaknesses

Everyone has some area of their game which falls short of their overall ability. Maybe it’s drop offs, or gap jumps? Maybe steep, slippery tree runs make your blood run cold? Whatever your skills gap, something can be done.

Showboating or Useful Trail Skills?

2 hour mtb skills clinics

Wheelies, Manuals, Bunnyhops, American Bunnyhops, Stoppies, Track Stands… Are these skills just for showing off or do they have useful applications on the trail? Here’s my tuppence ha’penny on the subject.

What to pack for a mountain bike ride

what to pack for mountain biking

Mountain biking often means being off the beaten track for extended periods. Your pack needs to contain the necessary kit to look after you and your bike, and to get you home, whatever the trail might throw at you. Here’s my essential guide on what to pack.